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Percutaneous surgery

The percutaneous surgery offered by the expert surgeons ensure that the patients get a chance to get rid of their forefoot complications and deformities.

The use of surgeries and advanced techniques is on a significant rise for treating various bones and foot   disorders and deformities. The percutaneous methods have significantly changed the surgical procedures of the soft tissues and bones of the forefoot. Although developed in the US, this method gained its ground and garnered immense popularity only in the last decade in France. Its current dynamic and comprehensive concepts have helped it to play a major role in the field of surgeries.

The theoretical advantages of the use of this method include lower morbidity rates and quick and fast recovery with immediate weight bearing. The lower complications rate and quick recovery serves as the practical advantages of this techniques. The correction of the forefoot disorders and deformities through surgeries have earned a gray name for itself for the pain, imperfections and scars that it leaves on the patients. Although these problems are not related to the surgical procedure but is a result of the errors in surgical execution. With new and improved surgical procedures swiping the market, the risk involved decreases and the immediate and desired result rate increases significantly.

Effective surgery to avoid complications

The minimally invasive surgery Singapore has proved its potential in decreasing the postoperative morbidity and in gaining a control rehabilitation times. It performs excellently with the right use of the specialized instruments and thus boosts the belief and trust among the patients regarding its use. Gaining the confidence of the patients before a surgery becomes crucial and mandatory enough to provide them with a desired outcome for their foot. The surgeons need to inform and enlighten the people about the effectiveness and positive outcome of the surgery, which can help them get rid of their foot complications.

Experienced surgeons who are well-acquainted with the modern as well as traditional form of surgeries and its methods, guarantees an unrivaled experience that can easily deal with potential complications. With percutaneous surgery methods, the surgeons render quality services to the patients while avoiding any kind of after-effects.

Different from conventional surgical methods

While with the conventional methods of surgeries there were a list of to-dos and not-to-dos and there was a strict avoidance of heavy weight bearing, the modern method of foot surgery through percutaneous method, comes up with an improved result and minimal or no pain leaving behind. The expert surgeons consider this surgery as very effective and performs it with an excellence that helps the patients to avoid any kind of scars or marks on their foot.

In order to experience such a fruitful result and awesome outcome, the professionals of Ardmore Orthopaedic Clinic offers significant services. With their wide range of experience in the foot and ankle condition treatment, the surgeons of this clinic ensure that their patients receive nothing less than the best with significant surgical methods.